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Last major update on 21 January 2003

The Highway Star's Deep Purple Discography seeks to cover all, or at least most, official releases. Thus pirates are excluded, except where deemed necessary to make small notes of - they represent nothing we wish to endorce.

Mail any comments or corrections to the current maintainer of the THS Disco.

The 'who to blame' section...

This is the kind of info compilation that never seems to grow complete. Without the excellent help of a number of eminent people we would have no discography to offer you. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank yoooooouuuuuuww...

  • Cesar Munoz Azorín <cma1600(at)teleline.es>
  • Gabriel Beaudry <the.rusty(at)sympatico.ca>
  • Karl-Heinz Baier <Baier-Flensburg(at)t-online.de>
  • Alessandro Bertinotti <BIBTO008(at)ITOCSIVM.CSI.IT>
  • Jess Boronico <jboronic(at)mondec.monmouth.edu>
  • Tobias Braun <tobias_s_braun(at)hotmail.com>
  • Michael Buchholtz <M_Buchholtz(at)t-online.de>
  • Arturo Camillacci <arturo(at)online.az>
  • Fabio Caputo <fabio.caputo1(at)tin.it>
  • Joe Cath <joecath(at)aol.com>
  • Louie Cole <libl(at)library.leeds.ac.uk>
  • Jim Collins <metaljim(at)idir.net>
  • Mike Collins <mcollins(at)oxmol.co.uk>
  • Gary Critcher <tyrrell005(at)hotmail.com>
  • João Cunha <jcunha(at)telepac.pc>
  • Brian Currin <brian.currin(at)new.co.za>
  • Michael Davis <michael.davis(at)ferc.fed.us>
  • Joseph Davolt <POP04(at)webtv.net>
  • Peter Degen <p.degen(at)chello.nl>
  • Stone Deluxe <stonedeluxe(at)yahoo.com>
  • Ranko Dojcinovic <dojcin(at)inecco.net>
  • Steve Dunbar <Dpurpleface(at)aol.com>
  • Ciro Elgueta <deeppurplefan(at)hotmail.com>
  • Ern R. F. <ernmusic(at)mixmail.com>
  • Giovanni Favero <giofav(at)uol.com.br>
  • Craig Fenton <fixing_a_hole60(at)hotmail.com>
  • Barb Fox <BarbFox(at)aol.com>
  • Akiko Hada <akiko(at)bunnies.de>
  • Hartley <HartR1(at)aol.com>
  • Rasmus Heide <rasmus(at)deep-purple.com>
  • Heikki Heino <heikki.heino(at)riihimaki.fi>
  • JD Hogge <JD_Hogge(at)dom.com>
  • Benny Holmström <benny(at)deep-purple.com>
  • Nicolas Houle <nickh(at)videotron.ca>
  • Ed Janx <edjanx(at)deep-purple.com>
  • Thomas Binderup Jensen <tbj(at)kiku.dk>
  • Joanne <GL_S523(at)kingston.ac.uk>
  • Joe <cjb0131(at)is2.nyu.edu>
  • Jon <oetomo(at)mail.uni-mainz.de>
  • Dirk Kahler <g.kahler(at)sparkasse-magdeburg.de>
  • Herman Kerremans <herman.kerremans(at)marshmc.com>
  • Oleg Klimov <klimov(at)nusun.jinr.dubna.su>
  • Kurt <kurtandtracie(at)yahoo.com>
  • Gerald Kuss <gerald.kuss(at)aon.at>
  • John LaRocque <larocque(at)chrs.com>
  • Lizz <rhbc(at)ix.netcom.com>
  • Robert Löhr <loehr(at)molgen.biologie.uni-mainz.de>
  • Jorge Lopez de Cardenas <lopezdecardenas(at)cnbv.gob.mx>
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  • Peter Mayr <jonlord(at)teleline.es>
  • Doug McBeath <Doug(at)COMMUNIC-8.com>
  • Chris McLaren <chm(at)mpc.mintek.ac.za>
  • Thomas Meyer <CHERKAZOO@aol.com>
  • John Miaou <afrjm(at)hum.gu.se>
  • René Mikkelsen <bomik(at)post5.tele.dk>
  • Christian Mohr <cmohr(at)bonn-online.com>
  • Gary Moran <gary_moran(at)yahoo.com>
  • Steven Murdoch <mudrock(at)airmail.net>
  • Peter Neumann <Peter.Neumann(at)mch.siemens.de>
  • Eric S Nicholson <ecnicholson(at)juno.com>
  • Jari Nieminen <jari.nieminen(at)salpauslahti.fi>
  • Arto Noronen <arto.noronen(at)pp.inet.fi>
  • Mark O <whomark(at)snip.net>
  • Gene O'Neal <goneal(at)freenet.vcu.edu>
  • Y Altan Orkun <altanorkun(at)interyapi.com>
  • Malcolm Ormiston <malcolm_ormiston(at)hotmail.com>
  • Thorleif Østmoe <thorleif.ostmoe(at)c2i.net>
  • Stathis Panagiotopoulos <span(at)deep-purple.com>
  • Paul <PaulPurple1968(at)aol.com>
  • Ronny Persson <RONNY.PERSSON(at)ikanobanken.ikano.se>
  • Pitufin <pitufin(at)bbs.mundivia.es>
  • Franck Pochon <franck.pochon(at)hol.fr>
  • Andre Pompeo <apompeo(at)correionet.com.br>
  • Monica Prosperi <monica_p62(at)hotmail.com>
  • Jim Rice <ad092(at)ccn.cs.dal.ca>
  • Jeffrey Rinscheid <catlas(at)hostare.ho.att.com>
  • Masa Satoh <xenon-cd(at)02.246.ne.jp>
  • Karsten Schulz <karsten.schulz(at)okay.net>
  • Rich Scofield <digital_rich(at)hotmail.com>
  • sd <blafra(at)freesurf.ch>
  • Murray Shuttleworth <shuttle(at)es.co.nz>
  • Keith Silvia <Dkscrazyman(at)aol.com>
  • Knut Skjollby
  • sogg <vxc(at)writeme.com>
  • Nick Soveiko <nsoveiko(at)doe.carleton.ca>
  • SpidaGawd <SpidaGawd(at)aol.com>
  • Kevin Spiritus >kevin.spiritus(at)pandora.be<
  • Bert Ter Steege <bert(at)te.xs4all.nl>
  • Trond Strøm <t.j.strom(at)isaf.no>
  • Marc Thoma <thomama(at)pt.lu>
  • Emil Totev <emilt(at)tot-consult.com>
  • Martin Vardanov <vardanov(at)earthlink.net>
  • Andrea Vellano <avellano(at)libero.it>
  • Leslie Wainwright <LES(at)wainwright95.fsnet.co.uk>
  • Mamoru Watanabe <EtchiePinkmore(at)aol.com>
  • Mark Douglas White <whitem(at)postbox.csi.cuny.edu>
  • Yannick <yannick.carreyn(at)tvd.be>
  • Nigel Young <NigelYoung(at)aol.com>
  • Denis ZÝürcher <rainbow@bluewin.ch>

    Thanks are rightfully due also to...

  • Mike Eriksson for his Swedish DP fanzine Deep Purple Forever!
  • Simon Robinson for his invaluable sleeve notes & international DPAS fanzine Darker Than Blue
  • ALL the people frequenting the newsgroup alt.music.deep-purple
  • a fair amount of album & single sleeves

  • and obviously...Deep Purple!

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